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Can I Trust BetterHelp’s Counselors?

It’s a common question when considering online therapy: if my therapy happens entirely online, how can I be sure that my therapist is the real deal?

Luckily, BetterHelp’s team of 8,000-plus therapists makes it one of the largest online therapy networks in the field. And the site boasts both quantity and quality, thanks to a meticulous vetting process that’s so intense that only 15% of counselors who apply are accepted to join the site.

BetterHelp’s large network of counselors all have a Masters degree or a Doctorate degree, and a minimum of three years and 1,000 hours of experience. Additional accreditation varies from counselor to counselor, but commonly includes clinical social work, psychology, marriage and family therapy, and licensed professional counseling. BetterHelp’s evaluation process includes exams, interviews, and proof of good standing before allowing counselors to join the platform.

Want even more proof? You can look up your counselor in BetterHelp’s directory and read reviews from other users for further insights into your counselor’s strengths and demeanor. And if, even after all of that, your counselor isn’t a good fit for you, you can request a new one for no additional charge.

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Frequency and Methods of Communication

Therapists communicate with clients via texts, chats, and live video, as well as through audio calls, which is something of a rarity with online counseling platforms.

Once you’ve signed up for BetterHelp and been paired with a therapist, all of your communication will occur in a virtual counseling “room.” There, you can leave messages for your counselor, and you’ll receive an email notification when they respond. Within this room, you can also schedule live chat sessions, live audio call sessions, and live video sessions.

Areas of Expertise

In addition to working through any everyday stresses in your life, you can also be paired with a counselor who specializes in areas such as trauma, grief, addiction, relationship issues, and more.


Betterhelp charges $40–$70 per week. Your exact weekly cost may vary based on factors such as your counseling needs, your location, and other circumstances of your life; a common weekly average is $65. For military veterans, students, people with disabilities, and unemployed or low-income clients, BetterHelp offers reduced rates, usually around $45 per week. An application for financial aid is available for those in greater need.

Insurance Coverage

BetterHelp is not covered by insurance.

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